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For Children:

PATH institute offers a different approach to horsemanship. We are the most curious when we are young, children often ask a lot of questions; why is the sky blue? Why is the grass green? At PATH institute we teach our students the “why” behind horsemanship. This allows for even the most curious of minds to be encouraged to explore the science behind horse training.

PATH Institute offers:

Private 1-one-1 curriculum-based lessons
focusing on learning theory, positive reinforcement, equine body language, equine welfare and liberty fundamentals


For Adults:

Curiosity shouldn’t diminish as we age. Often as adults, we have many skills and routines around horses but our understanding of the “why” can vary from person to person. At PATH Institute we will teach you the science behind all training methods and why they work the way they do. We offer hands-on instruction on R+ training, liberty training, equine husbandry, equine enrichment, equine body language and equine welfare.

All experience levels and backgrounds are welcome!

PATH Institute offers: Private 1-one-1 lessons
Our in-person lessons are conducted with horses that are extremely proficient in positive reinforcement (R+), making them excellent teachers for our clients. By practicing with our trained lesson horses, clients can develop skills to bring back to their own horses. Our lessons focus on equine welfare, equine care, and connection with equine companions. Curated to your specific needs and experience level. Liberty riding lessons are available but groundwork lessons are required prior.

Horses are welcome to trailer in for lessons with approval. 

Quarter Horse Bitless



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Located in Caledon East, Ontario

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