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PATH Equestrian is located in Caledon East, Ontario and offers Science-based learning programs (PATH Institute), board and train programs, virtual lesson programs and distance behaviour assessments and consultations.

About Brie Simpson

eQUINE bEHAVIOUR consultant 

Brie Simpson is the founder and owner of PATH Equestrian in Ontario Canada. She is a Behaviour Consultant recommended and trusted by local vets. Brie has been training and working with horses for over 15 years and has dedicated her last 5 years to researching and studying equine behaviour, positive reinforcement training, the learning theory and equine enrichment. Brie is extremely passionate about improving the day-to-day life and basic handling of horses and wants to help advance the equine world into using more compassionate, humane and science-based methods of training.

Clicker Training Dutch Harness Horse

If you are looking for a trainer or teacher with the most up to date, ethical and humane approach to horse handling and training. SHE IS IT!

“I saw immediate results after just one session, and after practicing these techniques over the past couple weeks, I have a horse that walks over to me in the field, and falls asleep in the cross ties !
I cannot reccomend Brie enough, you won’t be disappointed!!”

“Brie has recommended a comprehensive plan to address what is lacking in her environment and how I can provide enrichment and a training plan to deal with our big issue of bolting. Because leading is such a fundamental safety issue it has not been easy finding a trainer that knows how to manage this situation without resorting to punishment.”
– Denise

“Brie was VERY responsive on emails when I had questions. Brie explained the counter conditioning process extremely well and with great patience. It was obvious she really care about the quality of a horse’s experience and helping their people understand what they are feeling.”
– RS

“Brie is very knowledgeable and thorough in both her assessments and plans. She works with you and your horse to develop training specific to the needs of the horse and the horse/ owner relationship. I have seen changes in my mares behaviour in a very short time and am excited about our future.”
– Jodi

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Located in Caledon East, Ontario

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Monday to Saturday 10:30 am-8:30 pm
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